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I met Lizzy on Christmas two years ago when Charlie, Bi, Lizzy and I spent it the Jewish way, movies and Chinese.  Lizzy is so delightful and knows how to keep it real. She’s hilarious and a major go getter working at one of the best companies in the world and absolutely killing it. I think this FWB is really important and I feel really grateful to have Lizzy to teach it to me.

Topics like this seem so elusive to me because I just did not receive this information anywhere up until now.  I think there are probably a lot of reasons for this including I never really connected with any adults in my school career aka I had pretty bad teachers.  Side note: This is one of the main reasons why I currently work in elementary schools…to be the adult I never experienced in my school career and of course, the sweet vacation schedule;).  I also spent very little time in a corporate america environment and do not have anything close to a straight forward career path trajectory.  But what I learned from this conversation is just how important having a conversation like this really is….

I felt really empowered learning about the mentor relationship from Lizzy and hope that this inspires others to take action to look for a mentor, become a mentor or just get more clear on the subject.  This relationship seems so important and helpful to have.  The definition of mentor is an “experienced and trusted advisor.” To have one or more successful, experienced and trusted advisors in your life and have them share their experiences and knowledge for the benefit of your success, yes please.   I would love to hear your experiences with this topic…do you have a mentor? are you a mentor?  where did you learn about the importance of having a mentor?  Please leave a comment below.

Thanks again, Lizzy, for sharing your wisdom.  Your mentees are lucky to have you!


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This FWB could not be more useful.  This is the skill of all skills that everyone references as the skill to know yet a large portion of us don’t know how to do it.  And now, I have Stuart to thank for making me and all the viewers of FWB no longer feel inferior about this lack of knowledge.  I now know exactly what to do with a flat tire but let’s be honest, I’ll probably still call AAA for assistance.

Stuart and I met in July 2014 at Northern Nights.  If you couldn’t tell, Stuart is originally from Scotland (Shetland Islands) and moved back home shortly after we met but not before falling in love with Ashley.  He just moved back to San Francisco to make a long distance relationship no longer long distance.  He’s such a talented mechanic and fixer of all things and I feel so lucky to have learned from the best.  Stuart is the nicest guy you’ll meet and is never without an interesting story.

Thank you so much Stuart for helping me feel like a more capable human and making one of my bests so happy!

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This FWB really had its benefits.  I am not only a huge fan of Amie but I am now a huge fan of the clothing swap.  I came home with two bags of clothes without spending a dime, cleared out my closet of clothes that I’ve had for way too long and got to hang out with some of my favorite people as well as meet new ones.  Amie did such a great job of creating a very fun and casual atmosphere (champagne included).  This world needs more clothing swaps!   Thank you Amie for being such a genuine gem.  You are the best!


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I loved everything about this FWB. The topic, the way it came together and, of course, the people involved.  C-Love is so talented and you need to follow her on Facebook and Instagram to see her amazing art and also to find the best parties in SF.

Chelsea and I met Cassandra in September at Mighty where she FaDazzled our face for the first time.  We continued to see Cassandra around town and on FB FaDazzling the beautiful people of San Francisco.  On New Years Day, we ran into each other at Breakfast of Champions, where C-Love once again FaDazzled our faces and discussed that an FWB needed to happen.

I love this FWB so much because C-Love’s talent brought our friendship together and I love supporting her because she is following her purpose on her own path and making it happen one amazing FaDazzle and party at a time.

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For the final post of 2014, I was so happy to learn how to make a delicious cocktail called The Kentucky Mule from one of my favorite guys in SF and fellow Masshole, Matty Adams.  You can now impress all your guests at your NYE party with this libation that is way stronger than it tastes.  Matty and I met years ago through Ashley.  He always brings me back to my roots with his dry, hilarious sense of humor.  I was so pumped that he was up for an FWB and chose to teach me how to make this tasty beverage because I predict it will be seriously trending in 2015.

Wow.  2014 is coming to a close.  It’s been such a wonderful and fun filled year with amazing memories of SF living, travel, friends, family, music, sunshine, life lessons, and growth.  It was my year of gaining stability in my new life in San Francisco while always pursuing new ideas and projects.  I’m so grateful that all my nearest and dearest were happy and healthy in 2014 and I hope to see everyone continue to thrive in the coming year.  I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2015!  Wishing you a year filled of love, fun, happiness, laughter, light, and success!


Thank you for supporting Friendships With Benefits.  I couldn’t do it without all my wonderful friends:)

PS-This is my 68th post and I’m hoping to make it to 100 by 2016:)

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My friend, Kate, shows me how to hug like you mean it.  I was really excited when Kate came up with this lesson because I definitely noticed her amazing hugging skills the second time I met her.  Kate informed me during my lesson that this is pretty standard; she always gives a hug the second time she meets someone.  I think that’s pretty impressive and I’m sure helps create a great relationship.  I have definitely been trying to hug like I mean it more which means a tighter, longer embrace filled with confidence and good vibes.  So far, I’d call it a success!

I met Kate through Alicia when we both moved to SF around the same time almost two years ago.  It’s been awesome getting to know her and I’m so appreciative of all the new friendships I have developed during my second stint in SF.  I really hope everyone who watches/reads this tries to put more effort into their hugs.  Let me know how it goes for you in the Comments Section!

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In this FWB, my very good friend, Alicia, shows me her technique of picking up dog poop.  Alicia is a pro at picking up poop due to her lovable Porti, Roxy.   Me, not so much.  I’m somewhat of a newb and always had difficulty/anxiety when it was time to knot the bag.  Alicia showed me her skills while on a walk with the dogs and the next day, I just couldn’t remember how she did the knot.  So, voila, we found Alicia’s FWB lesson.  Thank you to Ryan, Alicia’s husband, surfer and GoPro extraordinaire for filming!

Alicia and I met each other in 1991 at Camp Robin Hood and were campers and counselors together until 2002.    We both had very similar geographical trajectories in life.  Moving to San Francisco after college where we solidified our love for this amazing city and then moving away for grad school and life (Alicia-DC, NY; Me- SD, NYC) and then finding our way back to our favorite city.  I’m so grateful to have Alicia here.  I consider her more family than friend.  We share so many wonderful memories and special people and I can’t say enough amazing things about her!  Thanks Felish!!!

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To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, my friend Matt organized a party aboard a San Francisco Cable Car titled “Cinco de Muni.”  It was such a fun night filled with good people, good tunes, good drinks and good times.  I love touring the city this way and reminds me just how awesome SF is and how lucky I am to live here.  Thanks Matt for organizing such an amazing party!

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After a year in the making, my friend Kasey taught me how to make delicious mashed cauliflower.  Kasey and I met through Tracy and is another wonderful person from UNH. I knew she was such such a good person after The Allman Brothers show at Great Woods back in 2005 when she let me sleep in her brother’s room due to unpredictable circumstances.  (And it was the first time we ever hung out).

Kasey writes an amazing blog, Paleo Days, which has given me a great education while scrolling Facebook.   I think her message is awesome and unfortunately or fortunately we know that we have to take care of ourselves.  With recipes like mashed cauliflower, she helps make it a little easier.  Please take a moment and like Paleo Days on FB to get up on all the knowledge of 2014.


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This past weekend, my friend Erik showed me how to use the VSCO Cam App.  I’m a big fan of his Instagram photos and always wondered why his pictures were always hash tagged with #vscocam.  I know can appreciate his photos even more that he puts a lot of effort into getting the right look.  I met Erik in Tahoe right when I moved back to SF through our mutual friend, Tolu.  He told me all about his experiences at Burning Man and basically sold me on the idea that I needed to make it happen.  Since Burning Man, we have become great friends. Thanks Erik for teaching me a lesson and being one of the coolest! #DUSTYPHOENIX #TEAMGHOSTPROOF

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