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I impulsively decided to go to Burning Man this year.  I had all of these reasons of why I wasn’t going: Money, Work, Timing, Money and then I surprised myself by saying yes to a ticket offered the Friday before it started.

I met Claudia and Daniel naked in a steam bath with 20 other people and we began talking about AcroYoga.  I was so excited when they offered to teach me for FWB.  It’s always a goal for me to do lessons but actually getting them done is always a challenge and I feel so grateful and excited when it actually happens.  As for the steam bath, it was my everything.  I hurt my back the day before I left and the constant bending over to get in and out of the tent and move things around as well as biking all day put my back into serious spasms.  You can see from my attempt to do “The Bird” pose that my back was in dire straits and “The Falling Leaf” felt amazing for releasing pressure. The steam bath helped so much not only for my back pain but also to become more comfortable with my body and “baring it all.”   And I guess that’s what Burning Man is about for me.  Feeling a little more connected…to myself, to others, to our world.

Make sure you stay tuned until the end to watch a montage of my experience this year. It was great to reflect on my first year at Burning Man to this year (two years later) and how far I’ve come.  This year for me was a lot about letting go, loving myself more, realizing that I’m guided and to trust more.  All things I continue to struggle with but felt a little more connected to out there at That Thing In The Desert.

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I was so happy when my friend from home,  Erica, better known as Sperberg in my world (or Sperm, Spermy, Sperminator) decided to make a trip to SF to visit the Canton girls.  We’ve been talking about her FWB for a while and I was so pumped when we made it happen while hanging out at Dolores Park.  Erica is a very talented dancer, choreographer, and teacher.  She is the director of The Dance Academy in Newton and they are so lucky to have her.  She’s the best.  Hang out with her for five minutes and you’ll soon realize that.  You can always count on her giggling, smiling and having fun.  We’ve been friends for so long and I appreciate our friendship so much!

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This was quite the lesson.   Ashley and I were at the tail end of our 2 week trip in Central America when we met Steven while enjoying the night life of San Pedro in Belize.  There was another couple in the bar when we came up with the idea to do an FWB.  The guy offered to film and the girl was going to take the shot with us.  As we are going through the lesson, another man entered the bar (I thought he was going to be our fifth participant).  I soon realized he was super angry when he took the girl’s phone and slammed it to the ground and then threw it into the ocean. Definitely not participating.  Apparently, she did something to really upset him (relationship woes).  The girl started crying and ran to get the pieces of her phone all while we are trying to make a kamikaze.  Chaos and laughter ensue, but we kept it together and finished with a celebratory shot.  Thanks to Ashley for being the best travel buddy a girl could ask for and to Steven (I will figure out a way to export Fireball to you).  Good times!

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To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, my friend Matt organized a party aboard a San Francisco Cable Car titled “Cinco de Muni.”  It was such a fun night filled with good people, good tunes, good drinks and good times.  I love touring the city this way and reminds me just how awesome SF is and how lucky I am to live here.  Thanks Matt for organizing such an amazing party!

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This past weekend I celebrated my friend, Lisa’s bachelorette in Napa with my college friends.  Of course, I had to do some FWB episodes.  Emily volunteered but had a hard time deciding what to do.  I wanted her to do her infamous “walk into a pole” move but as it turns out she was a little rusty.   What she wasn’t rusty at was becoming Britney.  So after a fun night out with maybe a few glasses of wine, we embraced Britney.

Em and I met in college freshmen year and discovered that we grew up a town away from each other.  She is one to always bring the fun and never a dull moment.  It was such a great weekend hanging with my friends from Maryland.  Even though we don’t see each other much, it’s always a guaranteed good time!

Thanks Em….I mean Britney.

Please forgive the shakiness and blurriness…it’s essentially seeing the night through our eyes.

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When I moved back to San Francisco, I was lucky enough to move in with my friend, Sheila and her dog, Ginger.  Ginger is a rescue dog with the biggest heart.  She spends half her time on her hind legs and loves to love. She is definitely top ten cutest dogs in SF.   I knew I had to get Ginger on FWB and when I discovered her spot on impersonation of a siren, it was on.  Every time a fire truck went by, I would be scrambling to get my phone and praying that she was feeling it that day.  Thanks GG for showing me your skills and being a constant reminder to live in the moment and always have fun.

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This is not your typical FWB but I wanted to add this post because this project meant a lot to me.  Underground Entertainment: NYC began in October of 2011 when I was inspired to record a man singing in a wolf mask on Halloween.  From there, I decided to record all the entertainment I witnessed in the NYC subways for a year.  This project helped me appreciate the art and artists instead of becoming annoyed at the dancers blasting music after a really long day.  There are so many aspects to NYC and this is one that is easily ignored but so apparent if you travel by train.  Enjoy!

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My very musically talented friend, Marco, teaches me the proper techniques of singing.  This FWB was mentally really hard for me and filled with anxiety. Marco was awesome and very supportive.  It’s funny because I call myself a “professional singer” but my audience usually consists of two year olds and my repertoire includes “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Open Shut Them.” I think since this lesson the kids have noticed an improvement and are really feeling my new vocal abilities.  Thanks Marco for being awesome teacher!  You’re so talented and I love your messy but quaffed style:)

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Today, my friend Kevin gives me a guitar lesson in his backyard in Bushwick. Kevin and I work together at Livingsocial Adventures and we always have the best time together.  He’s a really talented musician so make sure you don’t miss his musical performance at the end of our sick guitar session. (11m30s) As you can see, I’m not the most talented musician and will definitely need more than one lesson. Thanks for the good times and your patience with my playing KM!