My roommate and good friend, Alissa, has the magic touch when it comes to holding our roommate and favorite dog of all time, Ginger.  She really knows how to put G in a relaxed state to the likes of a newborn baby.  This lesson has been a long time in the making; learning the technique and practicing on Ginger daily.  Since May 12 is “Hold Your Dog Like A Baby” Day, make sure to post a picture of you on FB and Instagram holding your fur baby just like a human baby!!

Everyone should do themselves a favor and delight your Instagram feed by adding thelifeofgg (G’s insta) to the mix.  She is seriously the best and I feel so lucky to live with her and of course to have Alissa show me how to be even more cuddly with our furry friend.  We’re such creeps but it’s hard to care when those eyes full of wisdom and love are looking back at you.  Thanks A and G. xo