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I loved everything about this FWB. The topic, the way it came together and, of course, the people involved.  C-Love is so talented and you need to follow her on Facebook and Instagram to see her amazing art and also to find the best parties in SF.

Chelsea and I met Cassandra in September at Mighty where she FaDazzled our face for the first time.  We continued to see Cassandra around town and on FB FaDazzling the beautiful people of San Francisco.  On New Years Day, we ran into each other at Breakfast of Champions, where C-Love once again FaDazzled our faces and discussed that an FWB needed to happen.

I love this FWB so much because C-Love’s talent brought our friendship together and I love supporting her because she is following her purpose on her own path and making it happen one amazing FaDazzle and party at a time.

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In this Friendships With Benefits, Charlie helps me spice up my apartment by teaching me an awesome way to make art.  We had a lot of fun and my painting is now hanging above my bed.  Friends like Charlie is one of the many reasons why I love SF.  I met Charlie through my friend, Tracy (who taught me how to make a mean margarita).  They went to college at UNH together.  In SF, it’s so easy to connect with friends of friends. He’s an awesome and hilarious guy and obviously, an amazing and resourceful artist.  Thanks Charlie for teaching me how to do a geometric painting and again, if you want to buy one of our pieces, just let us know!

(Cameo by the most famous dog on Dolores-Ginger!)

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