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After a year in the making, my friend Kasey taught me how to make delicious mashed cauliflower.  Kasey and I met through Tracy and is another wonderful person from UNH. I knew she was such such a good person after The Allman Brothers show at Great Woods back in 2005 when she let me sleep in her brother’s room due to unpredictable circumstances.  (And it was the first time we ever hung out).

Kasey writes an amazing blog, Paleo Days, which has given me a great education while scrolling Facebook.   I think her message is awesome and unfortunately or fortunately we know that we have to take care of ourselves.  With recipes like mashed cauliflower, she helps make it a little easier.  Please take a moment and like Paleo Days on FB to get up on all the knowledge of 2014.


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My friend Ashley is a woman with many talents so when it came to deciding what to teach me there were many options to choose from. She’s an amazing cook and sInce we are now fully into fall (which is bananas), she decided to go with an autumn theme of teaching a variety ways to use pumpkins and squash besides just carving them for decoration.  I loved these simple recipes and definitely will be incorporating them in my future Halloween and Thanksgiving parties.  Thanks Ashley for sharing your skills in the kitchen!

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My good friend, Nicolle, introduces me to the Breville juicer and teaches me how to make a juice.  Since moving to SF, I’ve noticed that a lot of my friends are on the juicing and smoothie bandwagon.  I think I need to jump on.  With all the benefits, it seems like there is no reason not to.  Thanks Nicolle for showing me your juicing ways and being an amazing friend and now neighbor!


My best friend from college, Hilary, teaches me how to make delicious and simple recipes for easy summer hosting.  We had such an amazing and relaxing weekend in Fire Island and I’m happy I get to always remember it through this Friendships With Benefits lesson.  You can check out Hilary’s awesome blog at   Thanks Hil for always believing in me and teaching me these awesome recipes!  Much love, NSLP!

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