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To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, my friend Matt organized a party aboard a San Francisco Cable Car titled “Cinco de Muni.”  It was such a fun night filled with good people, good tunes, good drinks and good times.  I love touring the city this way and reminds me just how awesome SF is and how lucky I am to live here.  Thanks Matt for organizing such an amazing party!

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Last week, my friends at Cerveceria de MateVeza organized an amazing event where they rented an SF Muni cable car and invited 40 people to hop on and enjoy the evening filled with music, beers and good times while cruising around the city at sunset.  I brought my mic along figuring I would be surrounded by friends and knew this would be a great situation to learn something.  What happened next, I could not have predicted.  Following my friend, Abby’s suggestion, I approached Chu and we became fast friends. He is such an awesome guy and was totally all about the group having a good time.

Operating and riding around the cable car that night was yet another reminder of why San Francisco is such a special place with really lovely and fun people.  I will admit that my transition to SF from NYC has not been the easiest but these experiences help make me realize that the best is yet to come.  Thanks again to the guys at Cerveceria.  You all should like their FB page and make sure to stop by and grab a beer if you’re in SF.  Also, I’d love to thank San Francisco for providing this awesome muni ride service.  You really outdid yourself with this one:)

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This was one of the ultimate impromtu FWB episodes.  I brought my mic along to my friend, Patty’s going away party in Dolores Park because I made a plan to make a video with my friend, Kyle. Lo and behold, Polly was in town from NYC and attending Patty’s party (they went to college together).  While waiting for Kyle, we were catching up and she started explaining what her lesson would be.  I quickly stopped her and got out my IPhone to make it happen. Polly and I met through friends (Patty and co) during my first run in SF and it was so great to see her and have her participate in FWB in one of our favorite places in the city.  I love and totally appreciate her enthusiasm for FWB which was so encouraging and awesome to hear.  She’s definitely a natural in front of the camera;)  Thanks Polly for being so fun and proving that SF is such a special place that we’ll always have no matter where we live in the world.

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My friend Andrew taught me all about football on Sunday at a bar in the East Village.  Andrew and I work together at LivingSocial Adventures and he is an avid football fan.  This FWB was so fun to make and I’m confident that it will definitely benefit me in the future.  There is a lot of good info, so you’ll basically be an expert in football when you’re done watching this including how to maximize your experience at the bar.  Thanks Andrew for being so down to make this video!  Much appreciated;)

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