Bi introduces me to his favorite Banh Mi place in San Francisco, Saigon Sandwich.  I was super excited about his idea to deconstruct the Banh Mi because it’s an amazing sandwich which a lot of people don’t know about and I’ve been craving one for a really long time.  My friend, Liz, introduced me to Banh Mi when I moved to Brooklyn in 2010.  Since then, I’ve been hooked and eating four different sandwiches at one time was pretty stellar.

I’ve known of Bi for years but it wasn’t until after he met all of my other friends that we finally connected.  Here’s the timeline: Bi met Ashley and Tracy at Nicolle’s birthday party a while ago.  They all hit it off and when my friends from Canton came to visit the girls in SF, Bi met and became friends with them.  I heard a lot about this Bi but never got to meet him until I moved back to SF.  We’ve hung out a bunch since then and I now know why all my friends love him.  Bi is such a great person and I’m lucky to finally get to experience it for myself.  Thanks Bi for exposing me to SF’s best food and of course for being awesome.

And yes, I apologize for the poor angles.  It’s time to invest in tripod.  My lamp with tape tripod is failing me.