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Ashley is one of my very good friends from high school who lives in San Francisco.  We went through many potential FWB lessons and finally after visiting her amazing and well decorated apartment, it was decided.  Ashley would teach me how to properly fold a towel.  She learned this folding technique from her friend, Jen, and now she passed on the goodness so we can all learn how to consistently fold a towel like Martha Stewart. Today, my roommate even made a comment about how well I folded my towels.  Benefits!  So, I suggest you all try to learn this simple folding technique.  Thanks, Ash for legit changing my future in towel folding.  Much love.


I learned how to do a roundoff from my friend, Dagny.  Dagny is an awesome gymnast as well as a very aware and fun nine year old. We spent a lot of time in Tahoe together and it’s always refreshing to gain the perspective of a nine year old including paying up for dropping “F” bombs (The price is $1) and watching Taylor Swift videos.  Thanks again, Dagny, for being a great friend, showing me how to do a roundoff and of course, convincing Yoni to have a dance contest with a ribbon.

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