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If you live in San Francisco, you may know about the roller skate park in Golden Gate Park.  When I learned that my friend Jessie’s mom, Laura, is a huge part of the roller skating community and has been skating there for 20 years, I knew we had to do an FWB.  This FWB has been years in the making and I’m so happy it finally happened!

As you can see, I am terrible at roller skating but I learned so much this day including the definition of a true committed community, how important it is to find your joy and the fact that it’s never too late for anything!  I’m so impressed and admire Laura for her willingness to drive down from Petaluma most weekends to be a part of this community and do what she loves.

The story of how she got started is the best.  Laura loved watching the roller skaters when she visited Golden Gate Park with her kids when they were younger.  On her 50th birthday, her husband got her a pair of roller skates and she’s been skating ever since! Laura is one of the main choreographers of the group and, when we were there, she got a shout out for her commitment to the community

The community was started by the Godfather of Skate, D about 40 years ago.  Since then, many people have been coming to skate on Saturdays and Sundays as well as attend his Church of 8 Wheels and roller skating rink at Burning Man.  I had so much fun with the most welcoming community.  I suggest everyone rent a pair of roller skates on Fulton and 6th right outside the park and give it a try!  Make sure to stay to watch at 3p on Sundays.  You won’t regret it!



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I impulsively decided to go to Burning Man this year.  I had all of these reasons of why I wasn’t going: Money, Work, Timing, Money and then I surprised myself by saying yes to a ticket offered the Friday before it started.

I met Claudia and Daniel naked in a steam bath with 20 other people and we began talking about AcroYoga.  I was so excited when they offered to teach me for FWB.  It’s always a goal for me to do lessons but actually getting them done is always a challenge and I feel so grateful and excited when it actually happens.  As for the steam bath, it was my everything.  I hurt my back the day before I left and the constant bending over to get in and out of the tent and move things around as well as biking all day put my back into serious spasms.  You can see from my attempt to do “The Bird” pose that my back was in dire straits and “The Falling Leaf” felt amazing for releasing pressure. The steam bath helped so much not only for my back pain but also to become more comfortable with my body and “baring it all.”   And I guess that’s what Burning Man is about for me.  Feeling a little more connected…to myself, to others, to our world.

Make sure you stay tuned until the end to watch a montage of my experience this year. It was great to reflect on my first year at Burning Man to this year (two years later) and how far I’ve come.  This year for me was a lot about letting go, loving myself more, realizing that I’m guided and to trust more.  All things I continue to struggle with but felt a little more connected to out there at That Thing In The Desert.

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Happy Summer Everyone!  This was one of the impromptu FWB’s which I always love so dearly.  I ran into my friend and neighbor, Charles, at the pool on my birthday when we decided to whip out the IPhone and get the lesson of The Clam on the interwebs.  I’m so glad that I have the whole summer to perfect my skill.

Charles and I met at the pool in March when he was nice enough to let Ashley and I use his bathroom.  Meeting Charles like so many other new SF friends is always a refreshing reminder of how many awesome, smart, fun and interesting people are here and how many more potential FWB lessons are to come!

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I was so happy when my friend from home,  Erica, better known as Sperberg in my world (or Sperm, Spermy, Sperminator) decided to make a trip to SF to visit the Canton girls.  We’ve been talking about her FWB for a while and I was so pumped when we made it happen while hanging out at Dolores Park.  Erica is a very talented dancer, choreographer, and teacher.  She is the director of The Dance Academy in Newton and they are so lucky to have her.  She’s the best.  Hang out with her for five minutes and you’ll soon realize that.  You can always count on her giggling, smiling and having fun.  We’ve been friends for so long and I appreciate our friendship so much!

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Over my spring break, I ambushed my friend Tolu’s morning of getting ready for work so she could enlighten me on her morning ritual of making a green smoothie. They are delicious and this is just one of the many enlightening things Tolu has shed on me.

I met Tolu through Ashley  years ago (they studied abroad in London) when Ashley moved to SF as I left for San Diego.  We would hang out here and there when I would visit.  It wasn’t until I moved back to San Francisco last year that Tolu and I became close and I got to learn for myself how amazing she is.  Tolu gave me the courage to say yes to Burning Man and fully commit without looking back.  She is always the one uplifting her friends and inspiring us to have the confidence of Beyonce. I can always count on her to be down for the fun as well as someone to trust, look to for advice as well as look up to in the way she lives her life.  Thanks Tolu for being part of my life on my second round in SF!  It’s been such a blast!

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After a year in the making, my friend Kasey taught me how to make delicious mashed cauliflower.  Kasey and I met through Tracy and is another wonderful person from UNH. I knew she was such such a good person after The Allman Brothers show at Great Woods back in 2005 when she let me sleep in her brother’s room due to unpredictable circumstances.  (And it was the first time we ever hung out).

Kasey writes an amazing blog, Paleo Days, which has given me a great education while scrolling Facebook.   I think her message is awesome and unfortunately or fortunately we know that we have to take care of ourselves.  With recipes like mashed cauliflower, she helps make it a little easier.  Please take a moment and like Paleo Days on FB to get up on all the knowledge of 2014.


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Chelsea was my first friend in college.  We met at orientation and remained friends ever since.  Although we joined different sororities and had different college experiences, we could always count on each other.  She was actually the person that told me about a career in Social Work, so for that I am ever grateful.  Chelsea is also one of those amazing friends where you can pick up right where you left off.  We haven’t seen each other since her wedding in October of 2010 yet we had an amazing day walking all over San Francisco when she was visiting with her husband, Tony. Chels just completed her yoga teacher training so I was super excited for her to teach me the ujjayi breath.  I do a good amount of yoga but you are always learning and improving because it is a practice:)  Thanks Chels for participating in FWB and being a special friend to me! xo

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I learned how to do a roundoff from my friend, Dagny.  Dagny is an awesome gymnast as well as a very aware and fun nine year old. We spent a lot of time in Tahoe together and it’s always refreshing to gain the perspective of a nine year old including paying up for dropping “F” bombs (The price is $1) and watching Taylor Swift videos.  Thanks again, Dagny, for being a great friend, showing me how to do a roundoff and of course, convincing Yoni to have a dance contest with a ribbon.

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My good friend, Nicolle, introduces me to the Breville juicer and teaches me how to make a juice.  Since moving to SF, I’ve noticed that a lot of my friends are on the juicing and smoothie bandwagon.  I think I need to jump on.  With all the benefits, it seems like there is no reason not to.  Thanks Nicolle for showing me your juicing ways and being an amazing friend and now neighbor!


Lo siento for the hiatus but FWB is back and better than ever.  I am now just getting settled in my new apartment in SF and able to convince my west coast friends that they have skills that I want to learn.  I’m hoping to take Friendships With Benefits to new heights with my move to SF and I think this FWB sets the standard.  We had amazing weather for President’s Day Weekend and I was lucky enough to have my friend, Ryan, teach me how to prep for an awesome surf session in Bolinas.  Ryan loves outdoor activities and is quite talented at documenting his experiences with his GoPro camera.  You can check out his amazing photography on  Instagram.  Become his follower to keep up with his epic adventures.  Ryan is also featured on GoPro’s Photo of the Day .  Congrats, R!!

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