In this FWB, my very good friend, Alicia, shows me her technique of picking up dog poop.  Alicia is a pro at picking up poop due to her lovable Porti, Roxy.   Me, not so much.  I’m somewhat of a newb and always had difficulty/anxiety when it was time to knot the bag.  Alicia showed me her skills while on a walk with the dogs and the next day, I just couldn’t remember how she did the knot.  So, voila, we found Alicia’s FWB lesson.  Thank you to Ryan, Alicia’s husband, surfer and GoPro extraordinaire for filming!

Alicia and I met each other in 1991 at Camp Robin Hood and were campers and counselors together until 2002.    We both had very similar geographical trajectories in life.  Moving to San Francisco after college where we solidified our love for this amazing city and then moving away for grad school and life (Alicia-DC, NY; Me- SD, NYC) and then finding our way back to our favorite city.  I’m so grateful to have Alicia here.  I consider her more family than friend.  We share so many wonderful memories and special people and I can’t say enough amazing things about her!  Thanks Felish!!!