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I impulsively decided to go to Burning Man this year.  I had all of these reasons of why I wasn’t going: Money, Work, Timing, Money and then I surprised myself by saying yes to a ticket offered the Friday before it started.

I met Claudia and Daniel naked in a steam bath with 20 other people and we began talking about AcroYoga.  I was so excited when they offered to teach me for FWB.  It’s always a goal for me to do lessons but actually getting them done is always a challenge and I feel so grateful and excited when it actually happens.  As for the steam bath, it was my everything.  I hurt my back the day before I left and the constant bending over to get in and out of the tent and move things around as well as biking all day put my back into serious spasms.  You can see from my attempt to do “The Bird” pose that my back was in dire straits and “The Falling Leaf” felt amazing for releasing pressure. The steam bath helped so much not only for my back pain but also to become more comfortable with my body and “baring it all.”   And I guess that’s what Burning Man is about for me.  Feeling a little more connected…to myself, to others, to our world.

Make sure you stay tuned until the end to watch a montage of my experience this year. It was great to reflect on my first year at Burning Man to this year (two years later) and how far I’ve come.  This year for me was a lot about letting go, loving myself more, realizing that I’m guided and to trust more.  All things I continue to struggle with but felt a little more connected to out there at That Thing In The Desert.

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I loved everything about this FWB: the topic, the location, the teacher and it’s timing.  Olga and I met at a silent disco party a year ago at Gauntlet Gallery.  We became friends on FB and would run into each other around the city.  She is also the number one person who is always the mutual friend on Tinder;).   We reconnected after her travels a year later at the same silent disco party where she agreed to do an FWB.

This topic is near and dear to my heart.  I, too, took the risk of leaving my life in NYC in 2012 to travel and relocate to SF to honor my truth and happiness sans job.  As Olga said, it wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows but I don’t regret that decision for a minute.  The same day as filming this FWB, I attended a Women Catalysts event where Elle Luna was guest speaking about her new book. My main goal for going was to network for SMITH & STARR (stay tuned) not really knowing much about the organization or the speaker.  Well, my mind was blown.  The Women Catalysts founders truly created an empowering environment and Elle’s message that there are shoulds in our life and then there are musts and we must honor our musts spoke to me on so many levels.

Talk about a “concrete signs” day.  This day proved to me that I’m on the right path, things are falling into place and I have honored myself to be true to my musts. My musts include traveling (booked a trip to the Galapagos for Christmas), working for something that I believe in (children, emotional intelligence, innovation, self development, entrepreneurship), sharing my art and creativity (FWB), work/life balance, being part of support networks, yoga/self care, and continuing to develop and nurture my big dreams.  Of course, self-doubt, sadness, distraction, fear and confusion all tend to creep in at any moment but I’m so appreciative to have had this day and such a concrete reminder that yes, it’s happening.  And remember, for whatever you’re going through right now…as Nicolle says, “It has to work out. There is no other option.”






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This was quite the lesson.   Ashley and I were at the tail end of our 2 week trip in Central America when we met Steven while enjoying the night life of San Pedro in Belize.  There was another couple in the bar when we came up with the idea to do an FWB.  The guy offered to film and the girl was going to take the shot with us.  As we are going through the lesson, another man entered the bar (I thought he was going to be our fifth participant).  I soon realized he was super angry when he took the girl’s phone and slammed it to the ground and then threw it into the ocean. Definitely not participating.  Apparently, she did something to really upset him (relationship woes).  The girl started crying and ran to get the pieces of her phone all while we are trying to make a kamikaze.  Chaos and laughter ensue, but we kept it together and finished with a celebratory shot.  Thanks to Ashley for being the best travel buddy a girl could ask for and to Steven (I will figure out a way to export Fireball to you).  Good times!

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