This was quite the lesson.   Ashley and I were at the tail end of our 2 week trip in Central America when we met Steven while enjoying the night life of San Pedro in Belize.  There was another couple in the bar when we came up with the idea to do an FWB.  The guy offered to film and the girl was going to take the shot with us.  As we are going through the lesson, another man entered the bar (I thought he was going to be our fifth participant).  I soon realized he was super angry when he took the girl’s phone and slammed it to the ground and then threw it into the ocean. Definitely not participating.  Apparently, she did something to really upset him (relationship woes).  The girl started crying and ran to get the pieces of her phone all while we are trying to make a kamikaze.  Chaos and laughter ensue, but we kept it together and finished with a celebratory shot.  Thanks to Ashley for being the best travel buddy a girl could ask for and to Steven (I will figure out a way to export Fireball to you).  Good times!