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Due to Hurricane Sandy, my friend, Katie was displaced from her home in SoHo and stayed at my house for the week.  She was so nice to show me how to make her amazing salted fudge brownies.  They are so good!  You just can’t have one which has contributed to the Sandy 15.  I apologize for the technical difficulties during this FWB.  Not sure what’s going on but this is definitely a learning process.  Thank you Katie for your patience with my lack of baking skills.  You’re the best:)

This week has proven that I am so grateful for everything I have in life.  It has also shown that it’s the little things that can make a huge difference in other people’s lives whether it’s providing a warm place to sleep or donating blood which I will be doing on Thursday.  Enjoy this Friendships With Benefits and please donate to help Sandy victims recover as quickly as possible.  You can donate to the Mayor’s Fund  or the Red Cross.  Anything helps.   Thank you.  In the end, we are all friends who can provide some benefits no matter how small.

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Today, my friend Kevin gives me a guitar lesson in his backyard in Bushwick. Kevin and I work together at Livingsocial Adventures and we always have the best time together.  He’s a really talented musician so make sure you don’t miss his musical performance at the end of our sick guitar session. (11m30s) As you can see, I’m not the most talented musician and will definitely need more than one lesson. Thanks for the good times and your patience with my playing KM!


My friend, Tracy, came into town for work from SF and was able to stay with me for the weekend.  We grew up in the same area of town and have been friends since first grade.  It was great learning her margarita recipe and I will definitely use it in the future.  This video was made after a really fun night of dinner and drinks and then a full day of enoying Brooklyn, so we were a little tired but we pulled through and made it happen. Thanks again Tray!!!!