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If you live in San Francisco, you may know about the roller skate park in Golden Gate Park.  When I learned that my friend Jessie’s mom, Laura, is a huge part of the roller skating community and has been skating there for 20 years, I knew we had to do an FWB.  This FWB has been years in the making and I’m so happy it finally happened!

As you can see, I am terrible at roller skating but I learned so much this day including the definition of a true committed community, how important it is to find your joy and the fact that it’s never too late for anything!  I’m so impressed and admire Laura for her willingness to drive down from Petaluma most weekends to be a part of this community and do what she loves.

The story of how she got started is the best.  Laura loved watching the roller skaters when she visited Golden Gate Park with her kids when they were younger.  On her 50th birthday, her husband got her a pair of roller skates and she’s been skating ever since! Laura is one of the main choreographers of the group and, when we were there, she got a shout out for her commitment to the community

The community was started by the Godfather of Skate, D about 40 years ago.  Since then, many people have been coming to skate on Saturdays and Sundays as well as attend his Church of 8 Wheels and roller skating rink at Burning Man.  I had so much fun with the most welcoming community.  I suggest everyone rent a pair of roller skates on Fulton and 6th right outside the park and give it a try!  Make sure to stay to watch at 3p on Sundays.  You won’t regret it!



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Ah, Twitter.  I’ve tried to learn how to use this powerful social media tool since 2008 but could never really understand how to use it and the benefits.  Well, this has all changed thanks to my handsome and tech savvy friend, Jeremy Phillips aka @JeremyJJP.  Check out this FWB to learn why Twitter is really important and how to actually use it.  You can check out Jeremy’s life and all the cool things he’s involved in here.  Thanks JP for your amazing lesson and for being you;)

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