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I just got back from an amazing trip back to Boston.  It was so great spending time with family and friends as well as going to one of my first childhood friend’s wedding and of course seeing, Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z at Fenway.  During my stay, I was super excited to have my dad teach me how to golf while my mom manned the IPhone. I loved making this FWB and spending time with my parents.  It’s hard living on different coasts and definitely not ideal.   I think a lot of West Coast transplants feel this way and go through the questioning of living so far from family.  (My ultimate dream of being bicoastal would solve this issue).  I also feel very grateful I was able to make this FWB and have my father around to do it.  We almost lost him to a stroke in 1995 and I can’t imagine spending the last 18 years without him.  My parents are the best and I’m so lucky to have such a good support system.

Thanks Mom and Dad again for everything!  You are the best and I love you SOOOO much! Love, your favorite:)

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Lo siento for the hiatus but FWB is back and better than ever.  I am now just getting settled in my new apartment in SF and able to convince my west coast friends that they have skills that I want to learn.  I’m hoping to take Friendships With Benefits to new heights with my move to SF and I think this FWB sets the standard.  We had amazing weather for President’s Day Weekend and I was lucky enough to have my friend, Ryan, teach me how to prep for an awesome surf session in Bolinas.  Ryan loves outdoor activities and is quite talented at documenting his experiences with his GoPro camera.  You can check out his amazing photography on  Instagram.  Become his follower to keep up with his epic adventures.  Ryan is also featured on GoPro’s Photo of the Day .  Congrats, R!!

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My friend Andrew taught me all about football on Sunday at a bar in the East Village.  Andrew and I work together at LivingSocial Adventures and he is an avid football fan.  This FWB was so fun to make and I’m confident that it will definitely benefit me in the future.  There is a lot of good info, so you’ll basically be an expert in football when you’re done watching this including how to maximize your experience at the bar.  Thanks Andrew for being so down to make this video!  Much appreciated;)

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