Over my spring break, I ambushed my friend Tolu’s morning of getting ready for work so she could enlighten me on her morning ritual of making a green smoothie. They are delicious and this is just one of the many enlightening things Tolu has shed on me.

I met Tolu through Ashley  years ago (they studied abroad in London) when Ashley moved to SF as I left for San Diego.  We would hang out here and there when I would visit.  It wasn’t until I moved back to San Francisco last year that Tolu and I became close and I got to learn for myself how amazing she is.  Tolu gave me the courage to say yes to Burning Man and fully commit without looking back.  She is always the one uplifting her friends and inspiring us to have the confidence of Beyonce. I can always count on her to be down for the fun as well as someone to trust, look to for advice as well as look up to in the way she lives her life.  Thanks Tolu for being part of my life on my second round in SF!  It’s been such a blast!