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In this Friendships With Benefits, Charlie helps me spice up my apartment by teaching me an awesome way to make art.  We had a lot of fun and my painting is now hanging above my bed.  Friends like Charlie is one of the many reasons why I love SF.  I met Charlie through my friend, Tracy (who taught me how to make a mean margarita).  They went to college at UNH together.  In SF, it’s so easy to connect with friends of friends. He’s an awesome and hilarious guy and obviously, an amazing and resourceful artist.  Thanks Charlie for teaching me how to do a geometric painting and again, if you want to buy one of our pieces, just let us know!

(Cameo by the most famous dog on Dolores-Ginger!)

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Ashley is one of my very good friends from high school who lives in San Francisco.  We went through many potential FWB lessons and finally after visiting her amazing and well decorated apartment, it was decided.  Ashley would teach me how to properly fold a towel.  She learned this folding technique from her friend, Jen, and now she passed on the goodness so we can all learn how to consistently fold a towel like Martha Stewart. Today, my roommate even made a comment about how well I folded my towels.  Benefits!  So, I suggest you all try to learn this simple folding technique.  Thanks, Ash for legit changing my future in towel folding.  Much love.


Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday.  I spend it with the people I love in my hometown and it’s always filled with love and laughter.  This Thanksgiving, my family friend, Craig showed me how to carve a turkey.  I went into this not knowing a single thing and now feel like I could take over the job next year.  But let’s be for real, I’ll probably go back to drinking, eating and gossiping while Craig carves the turkey with my dad assisting.  Thanks Craig for showing me your master carving skills!  I think the next stop for you is the Food Network:)

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Lisa, a good friend and coworker, offered to teach me how to make a terrarium.  Lisa and I met in winter of 2011 when we both started a new job working with developmentally delayed toddlers.  Not only is Lisa an OT, she is also a brilliantly hilarious comedian.  She performs regularly in NYC and I try to get to every show I can.  Unfortunately, Lisa was not available to teach me on the day we decided, but worry not, her roommate, Linda, offered her time.  Watch as I learn how to make a terrarium from Linda who is definitely one of a kind!

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