While staying with my dear friends Robyn and Jacob in Brooklyn, Jacob had to complete the ALS #icebucketchallenge that has been circulating Facebook for a little over two weeks. The challenge started in Boston and I completed it with my friend, Ashley while in Belize.   There is a lot of controversy around the Ice Bucket Challenge but I choose to see this act in only a positive light.  I’ve personally learned so much about ALS in the last two weeks including finding out that a friend’s good friend is suffering from ALS and doing brilliant work to help spread awareness.   This event has involved everyone from my cousin’s elementary school children to the President which really helps me realize the power of social media as well as the goodness people have in their hearts to raise awareness and help improve the quality of lives in others.  If you can, please donate.

This week has made me realize the importance of awareness in general. While spending time with Robyn and Jacob, I also learned a lot about the adoption process. They have started the journey to adopt a child.  I asked them how I can help since they are the first couple of my friends to go through this process and they responded, awareness and networking.  That is how they will find a birthmother.  So I am asking you to help Robyn and Jacob to make this process one that is positive, exciting and full of support.  Please like their FB page and go on their website to learn more.  The one thing I do know for sure is that their child will be the luckiest!!