While in Bangkok, my friend, Ethan, teaches me some Thai phrases.  Ethan is currently teaching English in Thailand for a year.  It was so nice to hang out and see a familiar face in such an unfamiliar place.  We filmed this FWB in a park by the Chao Phraya River.  Bangkok was a great first stop on my 35 day adventure.   You can check out some of my pictures through Instagram.  I promised my mom I would upload as much as possible so she knows I’m ok and she can have a vicarious journey.

***I’m sad that I can’t edit my videos like I normally do but I bought the wrong converter 😦 I’ve learned that flexibility is key when traveling as well as going with the flow.

One Response to “Thai with Ethan Lieberman”

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    Incase you want a teaching job, the best method to go about it is by really going to BangKok.
    Over there you’ll find plenty of of businesses ecc, Siam-Computer, Ef etc. Most are constantly searching to hire instructors. Wages is around 30,000 up to 40,000 baht every month, which is all that is needed to live on in the city.


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